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Emma Tuchin

Why do you love travel?
My love of travel comes hand in hand with my interest in anthropology. When I go somewhere I want to spend as much time as I can there and experience everyday living in another culture, not just go and see the tourist sites (although I do that too). Wherever we are in the world humans have so much in common, and yet have so many quirks and behaviours that make us so wonderfully different!
What’s the most interesting trip you've taken?

Too hard to answer! After the family, my big passion in life is art and film. The most interesting trips have been the more personal ones where I have seen a work of art or a play, like seeing Picasso's Geurnica in Madrid, or watching old movies at a cinema in Berlin.
Japan also has a special place in my heart because my now husband and I fell in love while travelling around as friends, (which I suppose made things interesting) and have become a little obsessed with the place.
Who do you travel with?

For the last 12 months I've travelled mainly with a whole bunch of other families up and down the east coast for our Families of Australia filming.
Lots of solo travel and with friends in my 20s, but now my travel companions are the husband and two very small boys. I'm busting to show my kids more of the world (just waiting for the 2 year old to grow up a bit so he can keep up with our pace), and so we can justify more future visits to Disney. I am also enjoying encouraging my parents to spend my inheritance by travelling with them and have them join us on adventures. It's important we create memories for our children with their grandparents.
Name three things or places you'd recommend for families visiting Australia

Uluru - Immerse yourself in the Aboriginal culture that we as Australians need to do more to embrace.
Tasmania - Extraordinarily beautiful, unique and incredibly easy to get around. Nothing is more than a few hours drive from the next stop.
Road Trip - we are a vast country and the best way around is to take your time. Choose a coastline anywhere and I don't think you can go wrong, but north coast NSW has a special place in my heart.
What’s your favourite family holiday experience?

My family is very young, we haven't had many experiences together YET, but the most fun we have had so far the 4 of us was our road trip to Dubbo Zoo. We have also had lots of fun on holidays with friends who have young kids - a week in Lennox Head visiting friends and a farm stay in Bungendore, near Canberra are two of my favourite experiences so far.
How many countries have you visited?

23: Australia, Fiji, USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, France, UK / England (and Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy, Hungary, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Singapore
Where were you born?

Newcastle, Australia
Where were your parents born?

Sydney, Australia.