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Bethany Plint

Why do you love travel?
I was blessed with parents who really saw the value in travel. After our first family trip abroad to Thailand, I became obsessed. I was hungry for anything new and different. I yearned to be in the middle of a city on the other side of the world with a suitcase in one hand and google maps in the other, stumbling around trying to figure out where I was going; literally and spiritually.

From family adventures to solo expeditions, you’ll be hard-pressed to keep me on the one continent for more than six months. I live for the rush of getting lost, discovering new places and never really knowing what’s on the other end of that plane journey.

What's the most interesting trip you've taken?
During my semester abroad in Manchester, I decided to take advantage of Europe’s insane budget airline fares and string together a week-long European jaunt during uni break. On a student’s budget, I tried to cram in as much as possible, staying in crappy hostels a little too far out of town and taking the bus even though an Uber would've been the sensible option. (I was determined to avoid using the bank of mum and dad).

In just a week, I visited Hamburg, Cologne, Brussels & London before heading back up north for uni. The most memorable day of the whole trip was on Valentine's Day in Cologne. I sat by the river at sunset, alone, with a tub of hummus, a packet of bagel crisps and a can of Rosé from ALDI (yes, a can of Rosé). Since then, I’ve come to realise that it is moments like these that I really cherish when travelling. The simple delight of sitting, observing and soaking up my surroundings.

Who do you travel with?
Fiercely independent since birth (according to my mum), I am no stranger to solo travel. However, some of my most memorable trips have been surrounded by family.

Even now that my brothers and I have grown up and left the nest, we still try to take an annual trip as a family. We recently celebrated my mum’s 50th birthday in Cambodia. Although we’d celebrated birthdays abroad when we were kids, it was nice to toast with champagne instead of soft drinks.

Name three things or places you’d recommend for families visiting Australia
- Fish & Chips at sunset on Cottesloe Beach, WA
- Horse riding in the Blue Mountains, NSW
- Hiking in Bouddi National Park, NSW

Your favourite family holiday experience
In 2012, my Uncle and Aunty got married in England which gave us the perfect excuse to spend a month or so travelling around Europe. It was our first big, multi-country adventure and we still laugh about all the crazy, wonderful things that happened. From skiing in the Swiss Alps to swimming in the Mediterranean, I’m incredibly grateful for the awesome experiences we had together.

How many countries have you visited?
30: England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Wales, The Netherlands, Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA, UAE, New Zealand

Where were you born?
Central Coast, NSW Australia

Where were your parents born?
Sydney & Newcastle, NSW Australia